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Formed by a group of printmaking artists residing at the Cité Internationale des Arts, this collective workshop developped itself by welcoming other artists sponsored by the founding members.

The group followed Bo Halbirk when he rented the local in 1992 and set up the equipment at the 80-82, rue du Chemin Vert in the XIth district of Paris. It is there that all our activities started to shape up.
This was followed by open doors at the Chemin Vert studio, exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Greece, China, Luxemburg, Croatia, and France , and also by seminaries with artists from these same countries.

This collaborations inspired other workshops to create the same structure as the Chemin Vert. First, "Empreinte" in Luxemburg, then "Vrbniska Academija" in Croatia at the Fine Art School of Zagreb with Stanislav Marijanovic and recently, the printmaking studio in the "Kirsten Kjærs Museum" in Denmark which collaborates frequently with us.

In 2004, we opened an Artothèque (art library) open to the public at the Chemin Vert studio, baptized Artothèque "À Fleur d'Encre".

In 2018 the studio is struck by the disappearance of it's founder, Bo Halbirk, and the presidency is transfered to his son, Halfdan Halbirk.

In 2023, after 30 years in rue du Chemin Vert, the studio moves to the nearby city of Montreuil. The new adress is 1 rue de Garibaldi.